Yema Khalif Making Trash Soccer Balls At St Hillary School In Tiburon CA

Yesterday our founder, Yema Khalif, was a guest speaker at St Hillary school in Tiburon California. He relived his childhood in kibera slums in Kenya by teaching the young students at St Hillary how to make a soccer ball from trash. They were in awe since they never heard of anyone making a soccer ball from trash. 

Yema shared with them how he used have fun playing soccer bare foot and how he and his friends played soccer in the mud when it rained in Kibera slums.

See the pictures below to see the soccer ball Yema made from trash.

Yema finished his demonstration by telling St. Hillary students “even though kids in slums don't have the nicer things in life, they adapt and make life fun by being creative. That’s why we create these soccer balls” . Check out the soccer ball that Yema Khalif created in the pictures below.

St Hillary students will be giving out soccer balls to Kibera residents. Please reach out to us if you are part of a soccer club in kibera or an organization that needs soccer balls.