YEMA Two Year Anniversary

We have surely come from far. It hasn’t always been easy but we have been resilient and focused on our goals. When we started our company, people around us thought we were crazy. They said we were in over our heads for starting a company while still in college. They said we needed a lot of experience before thinking about starting a company. They said no one will buy our products because we didn't have marketing experience and we didn't have enough capital. They said we will fail. 2 years later, we are making it happen because our dreams were crazy enough. Our dream was not just to launch a clothing company, but a company with a meaningful mission. To make beautiful products and to use income generated to support the education of orphaned children in Kibera slums in Kenya and Ethiopia.

We are crazy enough to believe that buying out poverty starts by investing in education! Thank you for being part of making this craziness 🦒😀 And yes education helps alleviate ignorance and hatred.