Local Tiburon Tees Inspired By St. Hillary Students

When Yema Khalif was invited to St. Hillary School in Tiburon CA to give a speech, about his clothing line that changes the life of orphans in African slums, he didn’t envision creating T-shirts inspired by these young 4th grade - 8th grade kids.

Last year, the St. Hillary students in the Pencils For Africa program did a bake sale and decided to build a library in Kibera because they were inspired by Yema’s life story. It’s rare meeting young 4th graders who are creatively seeking solutions to world problems. It’s even more rare meeting kind, loving and caring kids who have almost everything in life but are striving to share with kids who aren’t as fortunate.

To achieve this mission of building a library in Kibera slums in Kenya, Yema designed local Tiburon tees that speaks to the nature of people in Tiburon, as clearly manifested by the kids at St. Hillary school. The love and the kindness towards others. That is what we call Shark Town Love.

Shark Town Love — Because Tiburon means shark in Spanish. And because Tiburon town is a town of love.

We are giving 50% of every Tiburon t-shirt we sell towards helping St. Hillary students building this library in Kibera Kenya.

Check out the tees below. You can purchase them on our website.

Khalif Manyanki