These Soccer balls Traveled 8,521 Miles

Two weeks ago, YEMA and PFA (Pencils For Africa) kids at St. Hillary school in Tiburon California linked up to provide 30 soccer balls and air pressure pumps to 3 organizations that work to nurture and empower over 100 kids and teenagers in Kibera slums in Kenya.

These organizations use soccer to educate and give ability to kids in the slums of Kibera. Their respective mission is to nurture talent in the arts and sports in Kibera. They do this by helping young people stay away from vices like drugs, crime among other illicit activities since many young people in Kibera are exposed to many dangers, and thus, struggle due to lack of adequate mentors.

We are happy to have met with the leaders of these organizations and to see the wonderful work they are all doing. It was also great to interact with the kids and the young youths. Seeing how excited they were to receive the new soccer balls felt like they were gaining a new lease in life. They were above the moon.

These are the organizations that received the soccer balls.

Gogo boys, an organization that caters to young men between the ages of 12 and 18, provides mentorship through soccer and gives the young youths opportunities through soccer. Some of the youths they mentored are now playing competitive football in the Kenyan Premiere League. Greencard Mtaani also benefited from the soccer balls. They use soccer and art to fight crime and drugs as well as supporting needy students academically and training youth and young women on economic empowerment. They have a soccer team of boys and girls ages 10-16.

We also gave soccer balls to Coach Mellow,  a community coach working within kibera slums and kawangware slums. Coach Mellow is an elite soccer player from Kibera and known all over Kibera slums. Through his skills he identifies, nurtures and exposes football talent as well as teach young football players life skills. He wants to build a soccer center in Kibera and is currently looking for partnerships. He aspires to build a strong Kibera football team that will compete nationally in the Kenyan premiere league.

Reach out to us if you want to collaborate with any of these organizations!

Much thank you to PFA team :)