YEMA (pronounced like Yeah, Ma!) is a SF Bay Area brand that designs athletic wear and lifestyle wear. Jambo by YEMA, our lifestyle collection is made from recycling and is100% handmade. 

We make cute and comfortable athletic wear that empowers women to give back and appreciate their bodies. Our brand’s mantras are
“Honor Yourself” and “Break Standards.” YEMA donates 10% of every sale to the education of kids in Kibera, Nairobi Kenya, where our founder grew up, but also celebrates women through our bold colors and patterns. Our sportswear embraces curves and “looking pretty while sweating,” as well as boosting confidence and performance.

Jambo by Yema is our stylish collection of lifestyle shirts, shoes and pants. Designed for style and pomp, this line is for those who strut with confidence. All our designs are drawn from several life experiences and they portray: inspiration, patience, love, honor, resilience, community. Example, we have an African warrior pattern that incorporates criss-crossed lines and flashy shades. It illustrates people coming together through community, especially in hardship. Much of our design inspiration comes from Yema Khalif’s upbringing.

Our passion is to create fashionable athletic wear that is comfortable and unique. Our brand’s mission is to be socially-responsible and that's why we support the education of underserved kids. YEMA athletic apparel is manufactured in the Los Angeles Fashion District. The decision to produce domestically was a no-brainer for the team at YEMA, as maintaining top-tier quality, remaining environmentally friendly, creating local opportunities, and supporting vendors that pay a living wage are all top priorities for our socially-conscious company.

Rock YEMA because it’s awesome! 

Shop at Enjoy the meanings behind colors and patterns, including yellow standing for richness, blue for opportunity, purple for passion, green for growth, and more.