Hawi and Yema

When we started our company, people around us thought we were crazy. They said we were in over our heads for starting a company while still in college. They said we needed a lot of experience before thinking about starting a company. They said no one will buy our products because we didn't have marketing experience and we didn't have enough capital. They said we will fail. But what they didn’t know is how determined we are. Hawi started helping young Ethiopian women in rural Ethiopia at the age of 12 by raising money through modeling and Yema has been a volunteer in Kibera slums since he was a teenager. We’ve always wanted to live in a world where everyone is treated equally. A world where everyone has equal opportunities to prosper in life. That’s why most of our childhood was dedicated to community service. We love fashion and we are pursuing this crazy dream of building a clothing company with a meaningful mission. To bless our followers with beautiful products and to support the education of poor vulnerable children in slums. We are crazy enough to believe that buying out poverty starts by investing in education! Thank you for being part of this craziness 🦒😀

We are working hard! Follow our journey through the pictures below.


Marin County, California

Launching the company in 2016.


Chicago, Illinois

We drove 36 hours straight to go to Chicago to attend the fit expo event.


San Jose, California

Kali Muscle, Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash connecting at the fit expo event.


Anaheim, California

Attending the fit expo event in Southern California.


Tiburon, California

Launching “Love Immigrants Perfectly” t-shirts.


Oakland, California

Our booth at the Ethiopia New Year celebration.


San Jose, California

Interacting with our supporters at the Ethiopia New Year event.


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