Here's Why American Manufacturers Matter

When we received our first run of product, we were beyond elated. Production is an exciting stage for start-ups because you get to witness your creativity coming alive. That said, this stage can also be stressful if manufacturers don't compliment your work. The success of apparel start-ups is hugely dependent on a manufacturer's capabilities, production quality and immediate availability. After establishing YEMA in the Bay Area of California, we vowed to collaborate with local companies in order to produce great products from the start. We know that working with U.S. manufacturers will give us more control over quality. After researching and visiting numerous potential manufacturers in the U.S., we selected a partner in the Los Angeles Fashion District who has helped us to bring our vision to life. We’ve visited their facility numerous times throughout the process to collaborate in finalizing the design and observe their practices. Finding a great manufacturing partner was a key achievement for us. 

YEMA sports apparel is proudly made in the U.S. to give our fam the best gym + running + yoga experience. We want you to love how you look and feel when you sweat. We believe high quality apparel is key to performance. Our aim is to create local opportunities and to support companies that are paying living wages to their employees. We love manufacturing in the U.S. because labor laws exist to protect against child labor and labor abuse, as well as poor pay. All these factors are key to creating strong working class families. Furthermore, environmental laws help ensure that American companies produce more cleanly and are helping to protect our water and environment.


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