Jambo By YEMA

YEMA, LLC has more than one line. Jambo by Yema is our stylish collection of casual shirts, shoes and pants. Designed for style and pomp, this line is for those who strut with
confidence. Jambo by YEMA collection exposes the capabilities of third world slums to create beautiful designs. We are happy that our African collaborators are not just creating
fashion to earn a living, but to show the world that their beautiful talents belong on the global stage.This collection is handmade with passion and care. Jambo shoes are
manufactured in Kibera slums in Kenya and our stylish polo shirts are hand-made in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Recycling is a big component of Jambo by Yema.
For instance, we use recycled rubber sole and recycled shuka (cotton) to make our shoes.


Jambo by YEMA Orange Kikoi Slip On
Unwind, dress down for a quick errand or lounge.  Made from recycled rubber sole and recycled shuka (cotton) to make our shoes.